The crabs decided not to show today on the dock but the blowfish and snappers did. There was a couple short bass also caught with clam.

1-3 pound blues were the deal again today from the surf. Fresh or frozen mullet and metals was the way to go.




Crabbing on the dock today seemed to improve a little with a few customers getting 6-10 keepers but they put their tie in for them. A lot of blowfish were also caught today with one of our regulars getting 25 in about 2 hours. One of our rental boats came back with 17 keeper crabs and a bunch of snapper blues.

The surf produced a good amount of small blues in the 1-3 pound range. Mullet and metal was working best according to a few customers who were out targeting them.




Report 9-29

Plenty of blues in the surf ranging in size from snappers to large 10# gators… Most of these fish are being caught on mullet and metals… Getting solid reports of bass hitting bomber type plugs in the low light hours… Just got a load of Tica rods in stock ranging in size from 7-11 footers…John


Due to the increase on clams cost starting this Sunday September 30th the prices will change. Clams will be $4.00 a dozen and on wacky Wednesday they will be $3.25 a dozen. Wednesday’s sale price will to apply to a limit of 2 dozen per customer. Well on the beach front cocktail blues still remain to be the main thing happening out there. Keeper bass are being caught mainly in the dark before the sun rises on plugs. Today is the last day of fluke season so this is your last chance to put some in the freezer. Scott

Blowfish, and snappers were caught off the dock today and our rental boats did good with the cocktail blues in the bay. Short stripers were also caught on clams in the bay.


Ryan Loughlin came in again with a nice 37 inch striper caught on Island beach on a mambo minnow.

Fishing Report

As the fall run is just around the corner don’t wait for the last minute to get your tackle in order! First consideration should be your line, remember no matter how great your rod and reel combo may be there is only one thing between you and the possible fish of your dreams so your line should be fresh and in top condition. Next your plug bag should be in order stocked with your favorite lures to match the bait that is present. Make sure your hooks are sharp and free of rust and corrosion, remember  when in doubt change them out! As far as bait goes, the freshest you can find will serve you well. So the surf is waiting with schools of mullet and some sand eels starting to show as the water cools. Blue fish of all sizes and ever increasing bass being caught on poppers and swimming plugs should get the juices flowing! John Yac

Fishing Report

Mullet, mullet and more mullet is the cry of surf fisherman fishing our beaches. Blue fish of all sizes are present right now hot on the heels of all those mullet. Last few days for those fisherman chasing fluke for the table before the end of the season. Sand eels are also starting to show in greater numbers as last fall they were the bait of choice. A few nice keeper bass have been taken on swimming plugs which is always a good sign for this time of the year. John Yac

Report 9-22

Heavy metal weekend… Just got a load of AOK T-Hex, stubby and PB-40s in stock and also a bunch of Deadly Dick’s in all sizes and colors… Looking for the Daiwa SP Minnow? We got them in and are selling them at a great price too…

The Dock behind the shop is very slow crabbing wise but blowfish have made a great showing with board fisherman getting a dozen or more… Fishing from the beaches and jetties continues to improve with bluefish from 2-12# making a showing the past few days.. Mullet, metal and bomber type lures have been the ticket to success… Bass are also showing @ the mullet schools as evidenced by the success of Mark Brancaccio while throwing a bomber plug on some of the northern beaches… Johnny Docks


Blowfish and snappers were caught off the dock again today for those fishing for them.One of our rental boats came in with some keeper crabs and also caught black drum and kingfish.

Ryan Loughlin came in with a nice 36 inch bass he caught on a black and purple bomber. They also had a few more shorts with the bomber and SP minnow. Blues from the surf ranging from 2-4 pounds were also brought in .


Report 9-20

Reports of bluefish off the beaches from SSH-Lavalette yesterday afternoon… Plenty of mullet in the wash and with this mornings light NE wind things could be good today for surfcasting… Blowfishing in the bay remains outstanding with  salted clams and squid used for bait in conjunction with a heavy dose of clam chum…  Johnny “Docks”