The Dock Outfitters will be closed tomorrow and possibly Tues. due to Hurricane Sandy… We at the Dock hope you and your families remain safe through this monster of a storm… Check back tomorrow or Tues for updates as to when we will be reopening…John


Blues in the surf today on IBSP. Guys were coming in with them in the 13-14 pound range. They were on pods of bunker and if you were moving you were catching. Poppers and AOK T-Hex were what they were caught on. The blues that came in had bunker and large mullet in their stomach. There were a few bass caught on clams early this morning.




The surf was very productive today with a mix of bass and blues. Frank Vacula had blues up to 15lbs with poppers and we had a 19 lber brought in. Keeper bass were also caught by snagging bunker and on clams.

Bass and blues are still chasing peanut bunker in the river. Cast netting and live lining them has been what is working. Also small poppers right before dark has also been  effective. Austin Byrnes from Beachwood caught some nice 3-5 pond blues and a 25″ short bass.



Monster bluefish blitz at gilikins right now. All on plugs as they are chasing bunker around. Adam Aguiar just weighed one in at 18.85lbs!!!! Get out there now!!!


Report 10-25

Ryan Laughlin and Peter W. came in last night with 3 bass at 32″, 30″ and 30″. Fish were caught on live eels and clams from IBSP….

Today should be a good day to hit the sand with light East winds and some cloud cover with no rain in the forecast… Plenty of bait around and with a load of fish to our north the past few days bass fishing could really improve in a big way anytime now…

We also just got in a load of Star rods for both the surf and the boat… Stop by and check out these Quality Rods at Great Prices…John


A few short bass were caught from the dock today on clams and there are still some nice blues and bass chasing peanut bunker in the river before dark. Small poppers and live lining peanuts has been working.

Ryan Laughlin and Peter W. came in tonight with 3 bass at 32″, 30″ and 30″. Fish were caught on live eels and clams from IBSP.


Fishing Report

Outstanding weather! Great surf conditions for working all types of plugs. The keeper bass seem to be increasing each day up and down our coast with some great table  fare still mixed in. Yes! While fishing yesterday in the Lavallette area I found a mixed bag of some nice king fish and a couple of teen size weak fish all on clam strips. Clams both salted and fresh seems to be the bait of choice right now with small metals, poppers ,swimmers and  needle fish as your artificial choices. The Point Pleasant Canal right now and for the last few days has been alive with some nice keeper black fish although the limit till Nov. 15th is (1) fish at 15″ and (4) fish from Nov 16th till Dec 31st at 15″. We have green crabs at $4.00 a doz. if you would like to give it a try. John Yac

Fishing Report

The past few days have been slow due to tough surf conditions caused by a off shore storm. A few guys fishing clams right in the wash in the seaside area picked a couple nice keeper bass. This weeks weather forecast is favorable for great surf conditions and the bass have been moving in and out on the early AM and late PM tides. Fresh clams seem to be doing the trick with small swimming plugs such as the SP minnows and assorted needle fish for your artificial choices. John Yac


Fishing Report

The past few days have been slow due to a angry surf caused by an off shore storm. The bait fish were well out of the surfcaster’s reach and the surf conditions were a bear to fish. Yet through all that a few nice keeper bass were taken on clams fished right in the wash in the seaside… Johnny Yaks




Report 10-21

We received a couple of large pallets of merchandise we purchased from the Atlantic City Fishing show so stop by and check out some of our new items….

The ocean water should have cleaned up by this morning and look for the fishing to improve along with it.. We had a lot of customers through the shop yesterday and I got quite a few reports of bass being caught on clams, mostly shorts with a few keepers sized fish mixed in. Also heard of a couple bass caught on avas and needlefish so we say safely say the sandeels have made their way in to our area… Peanut bunker are still abundant  in the back bays and barring a big storm we should see them start to trickle out front within the next 1-2 weeks… John