Fishing Report

And the heat goes on! Looking for a place to beat the heat? The waters edge is the place to be, and while your there why not fish! There are king fish and croakers along with some nice fluke roaming our beaches and lets not forget the occasional keeper bass thrown in the mix. The method is as follows, king fish and croakers use a small king fish spot rig tipped with fishbites or live worms. For the fluke, a buck tail jig tipped with a gulp swimming minnow at the point and a teaser of your choice just above. You can substitute the gulp with a squid strip or live killie The occasional bass will be taken on clams or cut bunker fished on a high-lo or fish-finder rig. The bay is producing nice catches of crab both from the dock and boats. Small snappers, spot and blow fish are keeping the bay fisherman busy. Remember we have live killies, sand worms and clams along with fresh bunker and a large selection of frozen baits….John Yac